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Create Event Certificates using PHP

Earlier I have posted an article on create bulk PDF certificates using Python Since running python application is not very practical to newbies i have created this simple script which can be run using php and mysql if required. Download Complete Source Code Here : Let us have a basic version of certificate… Read More »

Batch file to connect to Cloudflare RDP Access

Scenario: You want to connect to remote desktop which is configured through cloudflare. Everytime you need to open the cloudfled exe file and then connect through mstsc. I have created a batch file which will connect directly to the pc. It will also download the cloudflred.exe from server if not exist in windows pc. I… Read More »

ASP.NET MVC C# Hello World!

This simple tutorial will guide you to create a small MVC application with CRUD features. This explains how easy we can use MVC Entity framework to develop our apps. Goal : We want to create an address with with 3 fields , Name, Email ID, Address. We should have the option to Create, View, Update… Read More »

Google Collab Alternative Jupyterhub run from Home

Scenario : Want to install jupyter notebook from a single machine and can be utilized by more than 50 users at a time. This can be a ideal solution for schools or python lab where students or users can access from anywhere using their own devices. We have a windows 10  machine with Desktop /… Read More »

View Cpanel MySQL data from Excel Sheet

Scenario : You have online website with MYSQL Database and you want to see the live data in excel sheet. Solution : Create a MY SQL User account Give permission for Select query to the specific database Allow remote sql access permission to your ip address Download the .net connector for MYsql for Windows Configure… Read More »

Function for Reverse Geocoding – HTML and Jquery Based

Reverse geocoding is the process of converting geographic coordinates into a human-readable address. Features : This function accepts the Longitude and latitude and output the city and country name as accurate as possible using Google reverse geo coding. Advantage : this works directly from Javascript , Jquery and HTML so no programming or server required. Asynchronously… Read More »

Exporting Windows 10 Saved Credentials

Scenario : We have couple of PC’s in network and forgot the password for one shared network drive. One machine we formatted and we want to add the shared network drive , however we have no password. Solution : Backup the saved windows credentials from any working machine and Restore it on the fresh windows… Read More »