Clarity – Free user behavior analytics tool 

Clarity – Free user behavior analytics tool 

Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through features such as session replays and heatmaps. Clarity is a free service—forever. You will never run into traffic limits or be forced to upgrade to a paid version.

Below are the few features of Clarity.

Instant heatmaps

Generate automatically for all your pages. See where people click, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

Session Recordings

Watch how people use your site. Explore what’s working, learn what needs to be improved, and test out new ideas.

Powerful insights

Quickly discover where users get frustrated and turn these problems into opportunities.

Google Analytics integration

Connect Google Analytics and Clarity to seamlessly integrate these two powerful platforms.


You can install clarity either by adding tag to header of your page or they have readily available plugins for leading CMS like wordpress.

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