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Give second life to MacBook 4,1

I purchased a second hand MacBook for a throw away price of around 75 USD which is pretty old (More than 12 years may be). However it is in good working condition. Issue I found was : websites with ssl wont support because of outdated browser. YouTube wont open I cannot use for browsing as… Read More »

Blocking ICMP ping requests in Ubuntu 20

Step 1: Backup existing firewall rules Step 2 : Actual task is to replace Accept with Drop in firewall rules as below Step 3: Run below sed command to find and replace If firewall already enabled then use reload command . If not enabled then use enable command as follows sudo ufw enable or sudo… Read More »

Integrating Google Recaptcha to Webid – Auction Script

Webid do not have built in support for new google Recaptcha . If use enable Recaptcha of webid your registration form may not work. To resolve this follow below steps.   Step 1 : Register for google Recaptcha Enter google username and Password   Once you register google will provide a site key , please… Read More »

XENSERVER – Free Open Source Virtualization Platform

XenServer is the leading open source virtualization platform, powered by the Xen Project hypervisor and the XAPI toolstack. It is used in the world’s largest clouds and enterprises. XENSERVER FEATURES XenServer is an enterprise-class, cloud-proven, virtualization platform that delivers all of the critical features needed for any server and datacenter virtualization implementation.  The following list summarizes some of… Read More »

Creating Users in Ubuntu 14 using Command Line

To add a user you must use the sudo command. Here are the commands: To add a user. NOTE: do not use the useradd command. $ sudo adduser <username> To see the options for adding a user try the man command. $ man adduser Here is a useful example of the useradd command. Why use… Read More »