Portable WordPress – Run without installation

Are you interested in learning wordpress? Feeling difficult ? Hard to configure? Don’t worry Just download Port-a-Press stand alone wordpress system. Learn , explore all even without connecting to internet.


  • No Installation required
  • No need to configure any data base
  • Can run from USB
  • Latest Version of WordPress
  • Option to Update Latest version of WordPress as and when released.
  • Full sample content included.
  • Important admin menu included in main bar.
  • 100% Spyware / Virus Free – GUARANTEED
  • 100% Free
  • Explore wordpress with no Limits.
  • Any issues please leave your comments below.


Download :

Download Portable WordPress – – This runs on different ports (This can run even if you have another service is using port 80)

Install :

  1. Extract the downloaded file to any folder.


Step2 :


Click Allow Access

extract3 extract4

Make sure Apache and my SQL running.


Now our server is running. If you get any error message like Port already in use , please refer my post Port troubleshooting .



Now your wordpress is ready to run.

To access the admin Page please open the link admin menu


Click on admin Panel , Username : haneef , Password : haneef

Make the changes and remove all the sample contents until you make your own site.

Please leave your feed backs below. Share this so that let the knowledge flow every where freely.

Download Updated Version :

Download Portable WordPress

If you wish to contribute to this , please visit : https://github.com/haneefputtur/portapress.