BME 280 – Node MCU Weather Station

Scenario : You want to design a LAN based weather station which can be accessed from LAN. Items Needed : ESP-12E – NODE MCU Board BME 280 – Sensor Pin Configuration Pin Number D2 ESP — > SDA Pin BMP/BME 280 Pin Number D1 ESP — > SCL Pin BMP/BME 280 Pin Number 3V3 ESP… Read More »

AWS Ec2 Modify Volume Size

Scenario : You want to increase volume size of attached EBS disk Step 1: Go to volumes and click mody volume Step 2: Wait for 5 minutes after modify volume. Step 3: sudo apt install cloud-guest-utils Step 4: find out the device path. Step 5 : sudo growpart /dev/nvme0n1 3 Step 6 : sudo resize2fs… Read More »

Batch convert PDF to WORD using Python

Scenario: you have 100’s of pdf files which needs to be converted to .docx format Tools required : Python Packages : pip install pdf2docx Keep all pdf files in src folders create a dest folder and all converted docx files will appear here Python Code:

Create a private ChatGPT with own documents

Scenario : As we all aware chatgpt only provide public data available upto Sepetember 2021. We have requirements to use our own private data and use the functions of chatgpt and lanaguage models. Software Required: # Python : [] # Visual Studio Code : [] # ChatGPT API Key : [] Make sure to… Read More »

Convert Oracle Virtual box Images (.ova) to Amazon AMI images

Step 1: Install AWS Cli sudo apt install awscli Step2 : Configure CLI with Access Key and Secret Key. aws configure Step 3: Upload your ovi images to an S3 Bucket Note Down : BucketName, Filename (Key) Step 4: Create containers.json file sudo nano containers.json and paste below content after adding correct parameters [{“Description”: “GeoNode4”,“Format”:… Read More »

Quick PHP Drag and Drop File Uploader

Scenario You need the users to upload files to a specific directory for a temporary purpose. You dont want everyone to create an account. Just want to identify who uploaded for reference purpose only. Requirements PHP Server with a folder with Read / Write permission We have used dropzone . js script for the drag… Read More »

View Saved Wifi Password in Windows 11

By default windows will not allow you to view saved passwords of wifi network unless you conntected to the specific wifi. In order to view the saved passwords in Windows 11 , use following steps. Step 1: Open command prompt in Administrator Mode Step 2 : Type netsh wlan show profiles This will list all… Read More »