Convert Oracle Virtual box Images (.ova) to Amazon AMI images

Step 1: Install AWS Cli sudo apt install awscli Step2 : Configure CLI with Access Key and Secret Key. aws configure Step 3: Upload your ovi images to an S3 Bucket Note Down : BucketName, Filename (Key) Step 4: Create containers.json file sudo nano containers.json and paste below content after adding correct parameters [{“Description”: “GeoNode4”,“Format”:… Read More »

Quick PHP Drag and Drop File Uploader

Scenario You need the users to upload files to a specific directory for a temporary purpose. You dont want everyone to create an account. Just want to identify who uploaded for reference purpose only. Requirements PHP Server with a folder with Read / Write permission We have used dropzone . js script for the drag… Read More »

View Saved Wifi Password in Windows 11

By default windows will not allow you to view saved passwords of wifi network unless you conntected to the specific wifi. In order to view the saved passwords in Windows 11 , use following steps. Step 1: Open command prompt in Administrator Mode Step 2 : Type netsh wlan show profiles This will list all… Read More »

Clarity – Free user behavior analytics tool 

Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through features such as session replays and heatmaps. Clarity is a free service—forever. You will never run into traffic limits or be forced to upgrade to a paid version. Below are the few features of Clarity. Instant… Read More »

Exporting Anaconda Environment to Another Machine

Scenario : Copy entire environment as it is to another machine Step 1 : Switch to base environment Step 2: Install conda-pack conda install -c conda-forge conda-pack Step 3: conda pack -n envi_name_to_be_cloned -o any_new_name.tar.gz Step 4: Copy the created file any_new_name.tar.gz to new pc Step 5: Extract the new file to a folder .… Read More »

Enabling CUDA Gpu support for TensorFlow

Setup : Windows 10 computer with NVIDIA GPU Anaconda Installed Installing cuda GPU spport for tensorflow Create enivronment conda create -n gpuhaneef python==3.8 activate environment conda activate gpuhaneef install pre requisites conda install cudatoolkit=11.0 cudnn=8.0 -c=conda-forge install tensorflow pip install –upgrade tensorflow-gpu==2.4.1 Test Installation Open python import tensorflow as tftf.test.is_gpu_available() If you want to install… Read More »