Enabling CUDA Gpu support for TensorFlow

Setup : Windows 10 computer with NVIDIA GPU Anaconda Installed Installing cuda GPU spport for tensorflow Create enivronment conda create -n gpuhaneef python==3.8 activate environment conda activate gpuhaneef install pre requisites conda install cudatoolkit=11.0 cudnn=8.0 -c=conda-forge install tensorflow pip install –upgrade tensorflow-gpu==2.4.1 Test Installation Open python import tensorflow as tftf.test.is_gpu_available() If you want to install… Read More »

Create Event Certificates using PHP

Earlier I have posted an article on create bulk PDF certificates using Python https://haneefputtur.com/creating-event-certificates-in-python.html. Since running python application is not very practical to newbies i have created this simple script which can be run using php and mysql if required. Download Complete Source Code Here : https://github.com/haneefputtur/PHP_EVENT_Certificate Let us have a basic version of certificate… Read More »

Give second life to MacBook 4,1

I purchased a second hand MacBook for a throw away price of around 75 USD which is pretty old (More than 12 years may be). However it is in good working condition. Issue I found was : websites with ssl wont support because of outdated browser. YouTube wont open I cannot use for browsing as… Read More »

Creating Event Certificates in Python

Requirement: Creating a python script which will generate bulk certificates for any event in a specified template and send mail to their email id. Complete Source Code: Features of this script: Uses Excel sheet as database of users – Only Name and Email column is required. Can be used to generate pdf files without sending… Read More »

Batch file to connect to Cloudflare RDP Access

Scenario: You want to connect to remote desktop which is configured through cloudflare. Everytime you need to open the cloudfled exe file and then connect through mstsc. I have created a batch file which will connect directly to the pc. It will also download the cloudflred.exe from server if not exist in windows pc. I… Read More »

Blocking ICMP ping requests in Ubuntu 20

Step 1: Backup existing firewall rules Step 2 : Actual task is to replace Accept with Drop in firewall rules as below Step 3: Run below sed command to find and replace If firewall already enabled then use reload command . If not enabled then use enable command as follows sudo ufw enable or sudo… Read More »

ASP.NET MVC C# Hello World!

This simple tutorial will guide you to create a small MVC application with CRUD features. This explains how easy we can use MVC Entity framework to develop our apps. Goal : We want to create an address with with 3 fields , Name, Email ID, Address. We should have the option to Create, View, Update… Read More »

OwnCloud Tweaks and tricks for C# Developers

What is owncloud Visit https://owncloud.com/ for more details . How to control OwnCloud management from C# Download c# Client library for CSHARP C# client library for ownCloud Sample c# Codes Below to create User Account, Reset password, Share Folder, Create Public URL Caveats : Even Though nuget packages are available to download I found that… Read More »