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Testing Concurrent Connections to MySQL Server using script

Scenario : You want to test number of allowed parallel connections to your mysql Server . Steps: Create a Database Create a Table Create a PHP insert Script Test the Script Use ab.exe tool from apache.   Create a  table CREATE TABLE `test_table` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `session_id` varchar(250) DEFAULT NULL, `date_time` timestamp NULL… Read More »

View Cpanel MySQL data from Excel Sheet

Scenario : You have online website with MYSQL Database and you want to see the live data in excel sheet. Solution : Create a MY SQL User account Give permission for Select query to the specific database Allow remote sql access permission to your ip address Download the .net connector for MYsql for Windows Configure… Read More »

Running Image Service from PHP

Scenario : Imagine that you want to run an image service and your clients will use these images in their static site developments. The moment you change these in the server it automatically reflect in the client designs. This is a POC design and can be used in KIOSKS, Web designs etc. Basically wherever you… Read More »