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Give second life to MacBook 4,1

I purchased a second hand MacBook for a throw away price of around 75 USD which is pretty old (More than 12 years may be). However it is in good working condition. Issue I found was : websites with ssl wont support because of outdated browser. YouTube wont open I cannot use for browsing as… Read More »

Resetting IPAD to Factory Default

Reset an iPad Synced with iTunes Step 1 Connect your iPad to the computer with the USB cable that came with your device. Step 2 Launch iTunes if the application doesn’t launch when you connect the iPad. Step 3 Remove the iPad from the computer if iTunes asks for your passcode, and then follow the steps in Section… Read More »

View Mac Address – AppleR iPhoneR 5

View Mac Address – Apple® iPhone® 5 1.     From the home screen, select Settings.  2.     Select General.  3.     Select About.  4.     The MAC address is displayed in the Wi-Fi Address field.   .

Video/DVDs Freeware Utilities

backup a DVD : DVD Backup Xpress capture screen activity into a movie : AviScreen Classic convert DVD to DIVx : AutoGK copy a DVD : Shrinkto5 copy/shrink a DVD to the hard drive : DVD Shrink copy/shrink a DVD to the hard drive : RatDVD edit an avi file : AviTricks Video Editor Classic… Read More »