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Finding a Port which is already in use : Windows

Scenario: You want to find out a port which is used by another application. Step1: Open Command Prompt in elevated mode Step 2 : Enter following command : netstat -aon | findstr :80 This command is to find application which s using port 80. The command will show the process id of the application. Note that… Read More »

Controlling LCD from Push Button Using Arduino

Parts Required : Resistors 1 K Ohm (1 No)   220 Ohm resistor – 1no Potentiometer 10K Arduino Uno Board     LC Display Push Button Switch   Circuit Diagram Arduino Code: // By // LCD RS pin to digital pin 12 // LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11 // LCD D4 pin… Read More »

CV Writing Tips

Page 1: This is the most important page so it almost 60% of vital information about the candidate that helps him/her ‘sell’ themselves to the employer should be on this page with these sections. Check Objective Statement on CV. Should be ideally 3 lines long with a detail on education, no of years’ experience and… Read More »

Installing SSL on Etherpad

Step1 : Convert SSL certificate to PEM format from pfx; openssl pkcs12 -in orginal.pfx -out cle.pem -nodes Step2: update /opt/etherpad/etherpad140/etherpad-lite/setting.json “ssl” : { “key” : “/opt/etherpad/etherpad140/ssl/cle.pem”, “cert” : “/opt/etherpad/etherpad140/ssl/cle.pem”, “passphrase” : “xxourpfxpasswordxx“, },   Credits : Shaju.

Use Whatsapp from Web ::

Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone. To connect your… Read More »

Install ISPConfig3 on an Ubuntu 14.10 Server – Part 6

Go Back to Part 5 Increase MaxRequestLen in etc/apache2/mods-available/fcgid.conf If you dont do this you will get following error messages ISPConfig – Error 500 Internal Server Error ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error! The following error occurred: The requested URL caused an internal server error. If you get this message repeatedly please contact the webmaster. sudo nano… Read More »