Portable kepler.gl

By | October 8, 2019

Requirement: Implement Kepler in a portable way so that it can be used without installation in any windows x64 computers.


What is Kepler?

Kepler.gl is a tool designed for geospatial data analysis. This guide will help you get started creating visualizations in kepler.gl

Map Enthusiast?
Make beautiful data-driven maps.
Data Scientist?
Gain insights from location data and deliver business outcomes.
More Details about Kepler visit : https://kepler.gl/
To view the documentation click here : https://github.com/keplergl/kepler.gl/blob/master/docs/user-guides/j-get-started.md
Step 1: Download the Kepler portable file from my GitHub : https://github.com/haneefputtur/PortAKepler/archive/master.zip
Step 2 : Create an account with MapBox – https://www.mapbox.com
Step 3: Copy the MapBox Public Token
Open the file \work\kepler\examples\demo-app\startup.bat using notepad and add the token as below and save
Now double click NodeJs-Portable
Now type startup and press enter It will open a browser with address  and give an error. Just ignore and try to access the web from the IP address of the machine with no port number.
Now open the browser and type the local IP address . By default, I configured to work with Port 80. So test by opening the url : http://localhost
If it works please try to access the system from another machine from the network using the ip address.
If you need to change the port number please open the webpack.config.js and edit the port number.