Running Image Service from PHP

Scenario : Imagine that you want to run an image service and your clients will use these images in their static site developments. The moment you change these in the server it automatically reflect in the client designs. This is a POC design and can be used in KIOSKS, Web designs etc. Basically wherever you… Read More »

1Sheeld – 40 Sheilds in one Module – for Arduino

Ever want to play with Arduino and tired of buying different sheilds? Try this new 1Sheeld, this will convert any of your arduino phone as Sheild for Arduino and can utilize each and every features of your old android phone. 1Sheeld turns your smartphone into 40 different Arduino shields. Shields Vibration Shield New Turn your… Read More »

Making Matrix KeyPad with Push Buttons – Arduino

This is a simple KeyPad Made by Push Buttons , can be extended to any functionalities. These buttons can be placed in different places in robotic applications. This design does not need any library and also can be expandable to more buttons. This design Does not need any Resistors and also does not use any… Read More »

AJAX Query to fill Select List MVC , C#

This is Proof of Concept for Querying data using AJAX and filling the drop down list from a oracle database using DB procedures. Model : public class listmodel     {         public string txtdesc{ get; set; }         public string txtval { get; set; } } Controller public JsonResult get_crn_term(string term)         {             var crnlist… Read More »

Visual Studio 2013 Shortcut keys

Analyze Navigate Backward Shift+Alt+3 Navigate Forward Shift+Alt+4 Architecture New Diagram Ctrl+\, Ctrl+N Architecture Context Menus Add Node Ins Both Dependencies B Incoming Dependencies I Outgoing Dependencies O New Comment Ctrl+Shift+K Ctrl+E, C Remove Del Rename F2 Architecture Designer Navigate To Code F12 Build Build Selection Shift+F6 Build Solution Ctrl+Shift+B F6 Cancel Ctrl+Break Compile Ctrl+F7 Run… Read More »