Portable WordPress – Run without installation

By | October 6, 2015

Are you interested in learning wordpress? Feeling difficult ? Hard to configure? Don’t worry Just download Port-a-Press stand alone wordpress system. Learn , explore all even without connecting to internet.


  • No Installation required
  • No need to configure any data base
  • Can run from USB
  • Latest Version of WordPress
  • Option to Update Latest version of WordPress as and when released.
  • Full sample content included.
  • Important admin menu included in main bar.
  • 100% Spyware / Virus Free – GUARANTEED
  • 100% Free
  • Explore wordpress with no Limits.
  • Any issues please leave your comments below.


Download :

Download Portable WordPress – – This runs on different ports (This can run even if you have another service is using port 80)

Install :

  1. Extract the downloaded file to any folder.


Step2 :


Click Allow Access

extract3 extract4

Make sure Apache and my SQL running.


Now our server is running. If you get any error message like Port already in use , please refer my post Port troubleshooting .



Now your wordpress is ready to run.

To access the admin Page please open the link admin menu


Click on admin Panel , Username : haneef , Password : haneef

Make the changes and remove all the sample contents until you make your own site.

Please leave your feed backs below. Share this so that let the knowledge flow every where freely.

Download Updated Version :

Download Portable WordPress

If you wish to contribute to this , please visit : https://github.com/haneefputtur/portapress.

  • Can’t get rid of user haneef. Says I do not have editing capabilities.
    How do I fix this?

    • Haneef Puttur

      Login to PHP Myadmin


      Username : root
      Password : root

      Open DB wordpress from left side

      Click SQL Tab from Top

      Paste following Script and click go.
      (This script will change user haneef as admin, if you want put any name you want instead of admin.

      UPDATE `wordpress`.`wp_users` SET `user_login` = ‘admin’ WHERE `wp_users`.`ID` = 1;

  • Yoozer Powaz

    This software works really well, but is there any way to log into this from elsewhere on the network? I have port 9321 set up on the router etc, but it seems to keep redirecting to ‘localhost:9321’ whenever I use the IP address of the server (eg: 192.x.x.x:9321) fom another networked computer. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

    • Please be careful and follow this step. Also note that Port 9323 is used by MYSQL. If you dont follow this step then your wordpress will stop working.

      Step1 :

      Open WordPress Dashboard :
      Settings => General
      WordPress Address (URL) :: http://192.x.x.x:9326
      Site Address (URL) :: http://192.x.x.x:9326

      Step2 :

      Open Uwamp => Apache Config => Change Port to 9326

      Hope this helps You. P

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  • Jonh M Reis

    Is there any future upgrade of php to 5.6 or 7, or, how can I do it manually?

  • Jack Jonh Black

    How can i get access to phpmyadmin? Error

    • Hi, Sorry for the issues. Please create a folder named sessions inside the apache/bin folders

      This will resolve the error

      • Selina kumari

        After trying this click on Phpmyadmin got error message “Error during session start; please check your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. Also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser”. how to resolve it.

  • Andrew Paton

    I have been trying to log into phpMyAdmin but get a #2002 error message cannot log in. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  • Andrew Paton

    Is there a way to speed up WordPress. I have read some articles on this and made adjustments to some of the settings to apache and PHP but has made little difference. Does the ubs2 / usb3 have more of an effect on speed than any server tweaks. Also I was wandering when running a local install on a usb mem stick does a caching plugin make any difference. I am using the fastest caching plugin but don’t really see any improvement. any suggestions would be much appreciated.