Port Forwarding USR 9108

There are a number of applications now in which your computer needs to go onto the Internet, but your gateway’s firewall might block access. This procedure shows you how to configure the gateway to work with these applications.

Note: For additional information on opening the firewall for other applications, refer to the Appendix section of this User Guide.

  1. Select Virtual Servers from the Security menu. This page appears.

  2. These are the fields on this page:

    Field Description
    Select a service In this item, choose the Internet application you want to enable. The Web user interface automatically fills in values in the table below.
    Custom server If the service you want to enable is not in the service list, enter its name here. You will need to enter the remaining parameters as described in the service’s documentation.
    Server IP address The IP address of your computer, which will function as a server.
    External port (start/end) Allows the entry of an individual external port or range of ports.
    Protocol Allows the selection of a transport protocol (UDP, TCP, or both).
    Internal port (start/end) Allows the entry of an individual internal port or range of ports.
  3. In Server IP address, enter the IP address of the machine that will run the Internet application.
  4. In the Select a service list, look for and select the name of the service or application you want to use. If it is in the list, the settings fill in automatically:

  5. Note: If your service does not appear in the list, look in its documentation to find out what settings to enter.

  6. When you click Apply, the settings move to the previous page.

Congratulations. You are now ready to run your Internet application.

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