Port Forwarding : DLink-DSL-2640T

Step 1: Open DLink Configuration Utility

Connect to the wireless router by typing in the address field of your browser, and then press Enter. A login window displays.

The default username is admin and the default password is admin.

Step 2: Setup Static IP


Click the Advanced Tab at the top of the screen, then click the LAN Clients button. In the IP adress field, type the IP address shown in the HereFileFile status window. In the Host Name field, type HereFileFile. Cilck the Apply button.


Step 3: Setup Here, File File Virtual Server

 Virtual Server, then select the User radio button, then click the Add button.


This will show a form to create a new virtual server. In Rule Name, type HereFileFile. Choose TCP for the Protocol. Port Start should be the lower of the two port numbers shown in the HFF Mac app status window. Port End should be the higher of the two port numbers. Port Map field should match Port Start. Port Map Endshould match Port End. Click Apply.



Click Virtual Server button to go back to the main configuration page. Click the User radio button. Choose your IP address from the drop down – this should match the IP address shown in the HFF Mac app status window. Choose the HereFileFile rule from the list, and click the Add > button. Then click Apply.



Step 4: Save and Reboot the Router

Click the
 Tools tab at the top, then click the System button. Click Save and Reboot.