Facebook Plugin for WordPress 1.0.3 Released

Link for Download :

Version Change logs:
= 1.0.3 =
* Tweaks to copy to make things clearer.
* Fixed issues with social plugins settings on indivial posts/pages.
* Fixed issues with access tokens expiring, affecting posting to Facebook page and user Timelines.
* Fixed issues with HTML markup appearing in stories posted to Facebook.
* Fixed bugs in new user experience.
* Fixed bug where Open Graph action was being posted to author’s Timeline, even though option was disabled.
* Added option to disable “View Comments” on homepage.
* Fixed comments SEO so that replies to comments also appear.
* Moved CSS files to head.
* Adding functionality to decode HTML entities in titles sent to Facebook.
* Changed mention links on posts/pages to open in new window/tab.
* Added nicer tooltips to the Facebook settings page.
* Fixed showing faces and the send button so that they don’t display if they’re disabled.
* When the plugin is removed, pertinent data is also removed so that there aren’t issues when re-installing the plugin.

Haneef Puttur

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