Component Toolbar Grayed Out in Multisim 11

Component Toolbar Grayed Out in Multisim 11

Many of the toolbars that I commonly use in Multisim are grayed out including the component toolbar. I am not able to place any components on the work area. How do I fix this?

The options available in the
 Global Restrictions allow you to enable and disable toolbars. If your toolbars are greyed out, you can simply return the toolbar options to their default settings. 

1. Select Options » Global Restrictions. 
2. Enter the password.  The default passwords are case sensitive and are as follows:
             a.Multisim 6 (2001): testbench
             b.Multisim 7: S7lock
             c.Multisim 8,9,10,11: Rodney
3. Under the
 General tab un-check all the checked boxes. 
4. Click the
 OK button to save the new settings and exit the Global Restrictions dialog box.

All toolbars will now return to the Multisim environment.