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Change to Sentence Case in EXCEL

Change Uppercase to Title Case PROBLEM: You need to change UPPERCASE string/text to Title CaseSOLUTION: Use PROPER functionRESULT: FOLLOW ME TO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE This tutorial will explain how to change your UPPERCASE text toTitle Case text! 1. Type your uppercase text. For example, I type “PLEASE, CHANGE THIS TO TITLE CASE” in cell B2 2. Move your cursor to other cell… Read More »

Facebook Plugin for WordPress 1.0.3 Released

Link for Download : Version Change logs: = 1.0.3 = * Tweaks to copy to make things clearer. * Fixed issues with social plugins settings on indivial posts/pages. * Fixed issues with access tokens expiring, affecting posting to Facebook page and user Timelines. * Fixed issues with HTML markup appearing in stories posted to… Read More »

Automatically Ping Google Blog Search Engine – wordpress

Automatically Ping Google Blog Search Engine If you have a WordPress Blog, you can add the following URL in your Settings -> Writing ->Update Services. The default service here would be ““. Add another line the following URL and save your Settings. From now everytime you update your Blog, Google Blog Search would be ping automatically.… Read More »

WordPress Boldy Theme – Full Width Template

1. Under wp-content/themes/boldy, you should find a number of .php files, many of which are your page/post templates. Copy page.php and rename it as fullwidthpage.php 2. Edit the file in a plain text editor and change all of the text to look like this: 3. Save the file 4. Now when you login into your… Read More »

Resetting WordPress Admin Password

How to reset my WordPress admin password? You have to do this through the WordPress database directly. The most convenient way to manage the database is via the phpMyAdmin tool at your web hosting account. Once in phpMyAdmin select the WordPress database from the drop-down menu on the left. The page will refresh and the database’s tables will be… Read More »