Change to Sentence Case in EXCEL

Change Uppercase to Title Case

PROBLEM: You need to change UPPERCASE string/text to Title Case


This tutorial will explain how to change your UPPERCASE text toTitle Case text!

1. Type your uppercase text. For example, I type “PLEASE, CHANGE THIS TO TITLE CASE” in cell B2

2. Move your cursor to other cell (for example, I move my cursor to cell B4. See below)

3. Type this in cell B4, “=PROPER(B2)” then press Enter. B2 are the cell containing text you want to change.

4. Then you will see the result! See below:

Done !!!

Sometimes, you’re not need UPPERCASE and formula anymore after you get the Title Case text version.  So you can copy ONLY the VALUE (“Please, Change This to Title Case” not “=PROPER(B2)” or uppercase version).

For this, do following steps:

1. Right-click on cell B4, then click COPY.

2. Move your cursor to other cell (for this example, I move to cell B6)

3. Right-click on this cell, then click PASTE SPECIAL…

4. Choose options to VALUES in paste options, then click OK button

Done !!! Now, you can delete other cells.