Adding Custom Domain from to

In our previous post we have gone through how to create a free blog in the In this tutorial we will explore step by step adding a custom domain to the blog. In our case it is and we will be mapping it to

Pre Requisites:

1. Before we proceed make sure you already registered your own domain. If not please register one domain at

2. Please make sure you already create a blog in . If not please go through my previous post


Steps for Mapping Custom Domain

1. Login to

2. Click on the Blog for which you would like to add custom domain


2. Click on Settings –> Add Custom Domain

Capture3. Now add and click save Once. Now system will show some settings as shown below , however do not click Save for second time as it will fail to save.


4. Now please note down the Yellow highlighted text , which will be used in the domain account to update the domain settings.



5. Now please login to the domain control panel of with your username and password.

6.Now search for the domain in the search box as follows.


7. Now Click DNS Management –> Manage DNS



8. Now Click CNAME and Click Add CNAME records

First add the www record as shown which we copied from the previous steps.





9. Now add the second CNAME record as shown below


Then add following and Click Add Record.Capture


10. Please wait for at least one hour before proceed to the next step for DNS propogation or ELSE YOU MAY RECIEVE ERROR WHILE SAVING in your blogger account.

After one hour, please login again to blogger–> Go to Settings –> Add Custom Domain –> Enter your custom domain and Click Save


Now your blogger blog   will start working from our custom domain

Congrats .. Now your blog live. Hope this helps all those who wish to make your blog in own name. If any questions please feel free to to ask in comments box below.

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