USB Drive Letter Manager for Windows XP

Issue : In windows xp if you have mapped network drives , when you plugin USB flash disk or drive it will not be detected. You need to disconnect the mapped network drive to resolve this issue every time.
I found this small utility once installed it will resolve this issue permanently also we can define Allowed and disallowed drive letters in this.

You can download this from this link

After downloading , you can install the service just by clicking the _install.cmd file. After that it will create a USBDLM.ini file which can be customized as per our needs.
Hereis a sample configuration which i made where the servie will assign drive letters w,x,y,x for USB drives and it will not assign F, G,S drive letters.

You can edit the usbdlm.ini file as per your needs .

; This is a sample for an USBDLM.INI; Create a new USBDLM.INI or rename it to USBDLM.INI ; More informations in the help file USBDLM_ENG.CHM

;—————————— Settings ————————————-[Settings]
;here you can let USBDLM remove driveletters of cardreaders as long;as there is no media presentNoMediaNoLetter=1
;here you can let USBDLM write a logfile, default is _USBDLM.LOG in;the root of the Windows driveWriteLogFile=0LogFile=LogLevel=3
;—————————- BalloonTips ————————————-[BalloonTips]
;this activates balloon tips and sets their show duration in millisecondsEnabled=1Timeout=600

;————————– the drive letters ———————————
;here you can define new default drive letter for USB drives[DriveLetters]Letter1=wLetter2=xLetter3=yLetter4=z
;here you can define drive letter that shall never be used for new local drives;configure your network and subst drives here but no local drives![ExcludedLetters]Letter1=FLetter2=GLetter3=S
;many other options are documented in the Help files.