Macro to Extract Highlighted Words from MS Word file using VBA

MACRO ::: Tested working fine for MS Word 2007




Sub ExtractHighlight()


    Dim objWord As Word.Application

    Dim doc As Word.Document

    Dim oneword

    Dim i As Integer

    i = 0


    ‘Create Word doc object

    Set objWord = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)


    With objWord

        ‘ Ensure the MS Word object is visible

        .Visible = True


        ‘ Add a new word document and save the file prior to adding text

        Set doc = .Documents.Add

        doc.SaveAs “C:\test\output.docx”


        ‘ Or open an existing document

        ‘Set doc = wrdApp.Documents.Open(“C:\Foldername\Filename.doc”)

    End With


    ‘Construct document

    With objWord.Selection

        ‘ Set the font type

        .Font.Name = “Trebuchet MS”

        ‘ Set the font size

        .Font.Size = 16


        ‘ Set the format, depending on the value of i



           ‘ Add text


For Each char In ActiveDocument.Characters


        If char.HighlightColorIndex = wdYellow Then


       i = 1

        oneword = char.Text



‘oneword = oneword & “##”

        .TypeText oneword

         oneword = “”


         If i = 1 Then

         .TypeText vbCrLf

         i = 0

         End If


        End If




    End With


    ‘ Save the file


    ‘ Bring the MS Word window to the front




End Sub




Source File  :


Output  File :



Source Code Screen :