Inserting Custom Signature to PDF File using Adobe Acrobat Pro




o    1

Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Go to “Tools,” select “Comment and Markup” and choose “Stamps.” Click on “Create Custom Stamp.”

o    2

Click the “Browse” button to select your image. In the “Show” drop-down menu, make sure to select the format of your image. Locate the image on your computer. Click “Select” and then click “OK.”

o    3

In the “Category” field, enter “My Stamps.” In the “Name” field, enter an easy to remember name for your image. Click “OK.”

o    4

Go back to “Tools,” then “Comment and Markup” and select “Stamps.” Navigate to “My Stamps,” the new category you created. Select your image.

o    5

You should now see your image overlaying your PDF document. Move your mouse to the general area where you want your image and click. Your image is now stamped onto your document.

o    6

Click once on your image to select it. There should be a light blue border around the image. You can now use your mouse to re-size the image or drag it to a different part of your PDF document.