Important Etisalat UAE ShortCodes

To Transfer Credit from one Etisalat Mobile to Another Etisalat Mobile



For Example : to transfer AED 5 to a mobile number : 050123456  dial as follows


Etisalat will send a confirmation message , Click 1 , send to confirm


To send a call request from Etisalat Mobile to Etisalat Mobile


Note : this will work only if your balance is below negative 2.75


For Example : If your balance is below -2.75 AED you want to make an emergency call to your friend whose number is 050123456  then dial following number.



To Make a Reverse Billing call From Etisalat to Another Etisalat number



For Example : If you want to make a call to your boss with number  050123456 and you want your boss to be paid for your call then dial following number



To Stop receiving advertisement sms message in Etisalat Mobile


To stop all etisalat ad sms :  Send a test message “ b Etisalat” (without quotes)  to 7726

To stop one company ad sms :  Send a test message “ b sendercode” (without quotes)  to 7726

To stop all third party ad sms :  Send a test message “ b all” (without quotes)  to 7726


To Check your Credit Balance Etisalat Mobile



To Recharge Etisalat Mobile



To Contact Customer Support



*Please note these may change time to time. Please confirm with the provider for accurate details. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE