How to make Outlook 2013 Calendar reminders stay on top in Windows 7

Getting Outlook Meeting Reminders In Focus, Over Other Applications ….

By default popup reminder of the Outlook 2013 will stay in forgeround of active screen in windows 7. Using this method you will get a prompt in the screen which show that there is meeting.
  • Create a Digital certificate for later
    • Hit Start and type ‘certificate’, select ‘Digital Certificate for VBA Projects’
    • Enter a name for your certificate as “OutlookReminder”
    • Done
  • Open Outlook and hit Alt + F11 to start the VBA editor.
  • In the tree on the left, expand ‘Microsoft Office Outlook Objects’ and double click on ‘ThisOutlookSession’
  • Paste in this code, modifying the text in quotes to suit your preferences. Leave the quotes in.

Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal Item As Object)

    If TypeOf Item Is AppointmentItem Then
    MsgBox “You have a meeting ….”, vbSystemModal, “Meeting Reminder”
    End If

End Sub

  • Sign the Macro so it will run by going to Tools > Digital Signature… and choosing the certificate you created “OutlookReminder” earlier
  • Close the VBA window
Click Save if prompted.

Now close and Reopen outlook , iff prompted select Trust this Publehser for Macro settings…

Haneef Puttur

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