Free Diginal Signage / KIOSK Software – XIBO

Xibo is a complete digital signage solution comprised of a web based content management system (CMS) and choice of Windows or Android signage players.


Media Support

Media Support for lots of different types!

Xibo supports most types of media you might want to use and we have made it as easy as possible to add.

Library Media

Media that exists in the Library is media that you have uploaded into the CMS, such as Video or Image files. You can access the library at any time and get a clear list of files you have uploaded.

Layout Media

Some media only exists on a Layout, for example a RSS Ticker or piece of text.


Layouts represent the design of your content and typically consist of a background image overlaid with one or more Regions. Each Region holds a Timeline which is a list of media that should be played.


Layouts can be previewed directly in the CMS so you can see how your Layout will look before releasing it to any Display clients.


Layouts can be grouped into Campaigns for easy management.


Layouts are scheduled to Displays for playback. Scheduling in Xibo only requires a from date, a to date and a tick next to the Display that should show the Layout. Priority schedules can be set to override other content.

Repeating events

Events can be repeated at predefined intervals – choose from hourly to yearly repeats.

Schedule Now

Want to quickly schedule something to run now? Schedule Now is accessible from the Layout or Display management and only needs a duration.


Displays Signage Players

Each Display represents a connected signage player and is used to schedule Layouts to be shown.


Displays can be put into Groups for easy Scheduling and Management.

Statistics Proof of Play and Bandwidth

Xibo monitors each Display for bandwidth usage, log in / out events, proof of play statistics and much more.

Don’t need scheduling?

Displays even have a default Layout to be shown when nothing else is scheduled.

Permissions Everything has permissions

Xibo Permissions can be as simple or as complex as required. A system can be run to that everyone sees everything, or so that every item is under lock and key.

Permissions can be assigned to individual users.

User Types

Each user has a user type which automatically gives them more or less permissions.

User Groups

Users can be put into groups for even more flexibility. There is a special “Everyone” group to assign permissions to all user

It all fits together with ease.

Content Management System

The Xibo CMS is a PHP/MySQL web application which can run on Windows/Mac or Linux. It is the central administration interface for the display network (if its a network of 1, or 1000).

Signage Players

In Xibo signage players are referred to as a Displays. A Display is a TV or projector which will be used to show content. Xibo will run on a PC behind the Display, communicate with the Xibo CMS and display it’s schedule.

CMS Content Management System.

The CMS is a PHP / MySQL web application that runs on a web server with a modest requirements list.

  • Apache, NGINX or IIS
  • PHP 5.3.3 or above
  • MySQL with PHP PDO support

Cloud vs. on-premise.

We keep referring to Xibo in the Cloud, so what is it? Xibo in the Cloud is a CMS without the web server(OK, so there is a web server but you don’t need to worry about it).

If you have the expertise to run a web server, have existing hosting or would like to try then downloading Xibo is the way to go.

Xibo CMS/Server

Powerful Open Source Digital Signage content management system and Windows display player software.

Download and run on your own web server for free – ZIP Version.

Download and run on your own web server for free – TAR Version.

Xibo Client for Windows

First and favourite amongst our community, the windows player runs on most hardware and is ideal for taking an ageing windows desktop and turning it into a full featured digital sign.

It also works well on newer low power hardware!

Download XIBO Player for Windows

Xibo for Android

If you want to run with low cost hardware without compromising on features then Xibo for Android is the choice for you.

Revenue from Xibo for Android helps support the Xibo Project and drives the development, testing and support of new features for the whole community.

For complete information on XIBO please visit :