ESP-12E Based Weather Station – NodeMCU 12-E, BME280 and Yaler

Preface : Develop a Weather Station which can be accessed through the internet Advantage : Extremely low budget Easily available hardware Easy to configure Hardware Components Required : NodeMCU – ESP 8266-12E BME280 I2C or SPI Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor Breadboard Internet Subscription Required :   Hardware Details ESP8266 – NodeMCU 12E     BME/BMP 280 Sensor Bread Board               Jumper cables                           Pin Configuration Pin Number D3 ESP — > SDA Pin BMP/BME 280 Pin Number D4 ESP — > SDB Pin BMP/BME 280 Pin Number 3V3 ESP — > VIN Pin BMP/BME 280 Pin Number GND ESP — > GND Pin BMP/BME 280 Online Subscription for Domain Send an email to get an account by paying their fee. Once you get the user account note down your Relay-Host and Relay-Domain   Install Arduino (if you dont have) from   After installation Open the Arduino software. Tools –> Boards –> Board Manager       You can also download the Yaler library files from   Once download copy to Arduino Library folder make sure your folder looks like […]

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