XENSERVER – Free Open Source Virtualization Platform

XenServer is the leading open source virtualization platform, powered by the Xen Project hypervisor and the XAPI toolstack. It is used in the world’s largest clouds and enterprises. XENSERVER FEATURES XenServer is an enterprise-class, cloud-proven, virtualization platform that delivers all of the critical features needed for any server and datacenter virtualization implementation.  The following list summarizes some of the key capabilities of XenServer, and a complete technical FAQ can be found on the Citrix support web site. CORE PLATFORM XenServer is based on the Xen Project™ hypervisor.  The Xen Project hypervisor is a bare metal virtualization platform used by XenServer to deliver near native application performance for x86 workloads in an Intel and AMD environment. MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES MULTI-SERVER MANAGEMENT XenCenter provides all the virtual machine management, monitoring and general administration, and general administration functions in a single interface. Administrators can easily manage hundreds of virtual machines from a centralized, highly available management console that installs on any Windows® desktop. The resilient distributed management architecture in XenServer distributes server management data across the servers in a resource pool to ensure that there is no single point of management failure. ROLE BASED ADMINISTRATION Role-based administration improves security and enables delegated access, control, and usage of XenServer […]

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