ASP.NET MVC Razor Sample HTML Helper Creation

Simplest example of creating an HTML helper method in MVC Razor View In this example I am creating an helper method to format the currency cuurency color to be red if value is minus and green if value is positive. Step 1 : Create the helper function Step 2 : Create an decimal array Step 3. Run a loop to get each value of decimal array and call the helper method to format the view. This is a sample example and can be extended to achieve other goals.   @{ var amounts = new List<Decimal> { 12.34m, 12.45m, -12,-19,32.5m,123, 234, -56 }; } <ul> @foreach (Decimal amount in amounts ) { <li> @FormatAmount(amount)</li> } </ul> @helper FormatAmount(decimal amount) { var color = “green”; if (amount < 0 ) { color = “red”; } <span style=”color:@color”>Pending Amount Is : @String.Format(“{0:c}”, amount) </span> } Output .

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