Unlock / Factory Reset Dell Venue 8 3840 – Tested Solution

Issue : Hard Reset Dell Venue 8 3840 Unlock Forgotten Pin Reinstall OS Unbrick Table   Required : Windows 7 , 32 Bit  [64 Bit did not work for me ] Software : Download All contents of This Folder from Dell Support site http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/FlashTool/ If Wifi Model Table :  Download http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/A195/Unbrick/YTD802A519500-2014-07-16-22.tgz If Lte Model Download : http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/A195/Unbrick/YTP802A119500-2014-07-16-16.tgz Download Latest USB Driver : https://dl-ssl.google.com//android/repository/latest_usb_driver_windows.zip   Extract and Install  : http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/FlashTool/xFSTK_downloader_1.5.1.zip Extract and Install : http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/FlashTool/iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.zip If Wifi Model , Extract this to a folder : http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/A195/Unbrick/YTD802A519500-2014-07-16-22.tgz  [ Do the same for LTE model] Copy all the files of this folder to the same location : http://opensource.dell.com/releases/Venue_8_3840_Merrifield/developer-edition/FlashTool/fastboot/ Make sure your folder content is exactly as follows Now Open the xFSTK Downloader which we installed earlier Make setting as follows  :: Go to options , media settings and change the settings as shown Now press Ok and in the main window do the settings as shown below in the second tab of software Now switch of the Tablet Click begin Download button above Now Hold the Volume Up key in tablet and connect the USB cable to PC Download will start and above message will be shown.  [ If it fails to connect make sure you have installed the USB […]

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