Hot Premium Domains For Sale

What are Premium Domains? A Premium Domain is a domain name that is already registered and owned by someone, but made available for sale. Prices for Premium Domains range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the specific domain and current market influences. These domains are referred to as ‘Premium Domains’ because they have a higher perceived value than most, including available, unregistered domains. This higher value comes as a result of the domain being short in length, containing common words, or providing a more memorable web address. Helping your customers find the perfect domain name Are you missing out on sales by not helping your customers find the perfect domain name? Most of the time, when someone searches for a domain name, they are looking for something specific. They already have a perfect domain in mind. The problem arises when they don’t find that perfect domain name – they are left with two options: Settle for a domain that isn’t quite right Walk away disappointed In the first case, you might still get the sale, and the customer might still purchase some additional services from you like a hosting package, or email. But in the […]

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