Website Restoration

We can help you to recover the lost website data (html and images). You lost your website and no backup? Domain expired ? Your registrar is not reachable. Then contact us. We will try to get your old data back. We have provision to get old copies of your website if it was a reputed.

Website Repairs

We can repair your website, web application or database. We specialize in HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Linux and much more!

 Content Management Systems
Let us help you setup and manage your WordPress , Joomla and other CMS systems by installing and optimizing plugins, content and database.
Hacked WordPress Repair
We can help you restore your WordPress website back to its functioning state by removing hacked files and references. We can also remove your website from malware warning database!
Website Migration
We can manage the transfer your website between web hosting providers, to ensure a successful operation which wouldn’t result in any downtime.
Website Speed Up
Every second counts and if your website takes too long to load, your customers may not be using your service. We can optimize your website and make it load quicker even if you already have a lot of traffic, by utilizing the latest technologies
Database Management
We specialize in database management, migration, optimization and debugging. MySQL,and more
Secure WordPress
Want to make sure your site is protected from all attacks? We can analyze and support.
Website Backup
Want to backup your website in secure environment for a nominal fee to avoid any accidental deletion or attacks or defacement. We can backup your sites on your requested schedules.
Domain Ownership Consultancy
Is your domain name safe ? Do you have the ownership  if your re-seller stop supporting you?
Premium Domain
Want consultancy on buying domain name? Want consultancy on acquiring already booked domain names.?
Hacked? Flagged By GOOGLE OR BING? (Malware Infection, Phishing Ahead?)

We will clean the malware and lock down your site.

Our Assurance

We can resolve many website problems by repairing and optimizing your websites content, database and source code to get your website running again!  We strive for perfection and guarantee our work 100%

  • Consulting to help you make better decisions for your online business
  • Website Repair and Management
  • Web Server Management and Maintenance
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction

Kindly contact  for any of the following services.

  1. Web Designing – CMS based
  2. Web Application Development
  3. Domain Name Registration – (End User and Re-seller)
  4. Domain Name Recovery Consultancy
  5. Premium Domain Purchase and Consultancy
  6. Bulk SMS services (India)- (End User and Re-seller)
  7. Bulk Voice Call Services (India)- (End User and Re-seller)
  8. Bulk EMail Services  – (End User and Re-seller)
  9. Web Site Migration from Joomla to WordPress
  10. Photo repair and Editing
  11. Web Hosting Services
  12. Dedicated Servers
  13. VPS Servers
  14. Cloud Hosting Servers
  15. Web Site Repairing – Fixing Issues
  16. Business and Enterprise hosted email services
  17. Online Payment Gateway Services and Consultancy
  18. Open Source Software Consultancy
  19. Technical Support on any Topics covered in this blog
  20. DNS , A Records, MX Records, CNAME Troubleshooting and Consultancy.
  21. Arduino Based Projects Consultancy
  22.  Data Recovery Services
  23. Online Security –  Email/ Social Media Consultancy
  24. WordPress Site Recovery
  25. Malware Infected Website Recovery
  26. Joomla Web Site Upgradation / Recovery.

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