Error installing NuGET Packages Visual Studio 2013 – already has a dependency defined for xxxx

When you install new nuget packages you receive error as below.     In order to resolve this follow this steps.   Close Visual Studio Download Latest version of NuGet Package Manage and Install Step 3: After installation open the Visual Studio and try to install NuGet Package!!!    

c++ function to return mnm of 2 numbers

Condition : numbers should asked when function is executed:   #include <iostream> using namespace std; int minnummber() { // local variable declaration int result, num1, num2; cout << “Enter first number :: “; cin >> num1; cout << “Enter second number :: “; cin >> num2; if (num1 > num2) result = num2; else result… Read More »

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declare TO_EMAIL VARCHAR2(255) := ‘toemailaddress’; FROM_EMAIL VARCHAR2(255) := ‘fromemailaddress’; MAIL_SUBJECT VARCHAR2(255) := ‘Test Subject’; FROM_NAME VARCHAR2(255) := ‘FROM NAME’; EMAIL_MESSAGE VARCHAR2(255) := ‘سؤال اليوم : ما هو الحل ‘; smtp_conn UTL_SMTP.CONNECTION; smtp_username VARCHAR2 (200) := ‘username’; smtp_server VARCHAR2 (60) := ‘smtpserver address’; smtp_password VARCHAR2 (200) := ‘smtp password’; begin smtp_conn := UTL_SMTP.Open_Connection(smtp_server); UTL_SMTP.Helo(smtp_conn, smtp_server); UTL_SMTP.command… Read More »

Unlock / Factory Reset Dell Venue 8 3840 – Tested Solution

Issue : Hard Reset Dell Venue 8 3840 Unlock Forgotten Pin Reinstall OS Unbrick Table   Required : Windows 7 , 32 Bit  [64 Bit did not work for me ] Software : Download All contents of This Folder from Dell Support site If Wifi Model Table :  Download If Lte Model Download :… Read More »

Install Oracle DB Express and Connect to ASP.Net MVC C# Using Dapper and

Tools Used : Oracle DB Express Toad for Oracle ( To explore database– You can also user Oracle Developer)  Visual Studio .net 2013 This tutorial covers following points. Install Oracle DB Express.  ==< Link Create a user  — Refer my post => Create user and Schema Create a Schema — Refer my post => Create user… Read More »

How to Check / Kill Oracle Live Sessions

Step 1 : Run following script to display active sessions; SELECT O.OBJECT_NAME, S.SID, S.SERIAL#, P.SPID, S.PROGRAM, SQ.SQL_FULLTEXT, S.LOGON_TIME FROM V$LOCKED_OBJECT L, DBA_OBJECTS O, V$SESSION S, V$PROCESS P, V$SQL SQ WHERE L.OBJECT_ID = O.OBJECT_ID AND L.SESSION_ID = S.SID AND S.PADDR = P.ADDR AND S.SQL_ADDRESS = SQ.ADDRESS; To Kill Specific Session Run following command alter system kill… Read More »