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Error installing NuGET Packages Visual Studio 2013 – already has a dependency defined for xxxx

When you install new nuget packages you receive error as below.     In order to resolve this follow this steps.   Close Visual Studio Download Latest version of NuGet Package Manage and Install Step 3: After installation open the Visual Studio and try to install NuGet Package!!!    

Install Oracle DB Express and Connect to ASP.Net MVC C# Using Dapper and

Tools Used : Oracle DB Express Toad for Oracle ( To explore database– You can also user Oracle Developer)  Visual Studio .net 2013 This tutorial covers following points. Install Oracle DB Express.  ==< Link Create a user  — Refer my post => Create user and Schema Create a Schema — Refer my post => Create user… Read More »

AJAX Query to fill Select List MVC , C#

This is Proof of Concept for Querying data using AJAX and filling the drop down list from a oracle database using DB procedures. Model : public class listmodel     {         public string txtdesc{ get; set; }         public string txtval { get; set; } } Controller public JsonResult get_crn_term(string term)         {             var crnlist… Read More »

Visual Studio 2013 Shortcut keys

Analyze Navigate Backward Shift+Alt+3 Navigate Forward Shift+Alt+4 Architecture New Diagram Ctrl+\, Ctrl+N Architecture Context Menus Add Node Ins Both Dependencies B Incoming Dependencies I Outgoing Dependencies O New Comment Ctrl+Shift+K Ctrl+E, C Remove Del Rename F2 Architecture Designer Navigate To Code F12 Build Build Selection Shift+F6 Build Solution Ctrl+Shift+B F6 Cancel Ctrl+Break Compile Ctrl+F7 Run… Read More »

First MVC project using entity framework – Part 2/2

Task : Connect to oracle DB using and generate forms using Entity Frame Work without any coding. Pre Requisites : Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Oracle Database Instance Credentials. Entity Framework 6 Tools for Visual Studio 2012 & 2013 ( Oracle Database… Read More »

Create and Manage Oracle Database Using Oracle SQL Developer GUI

Pre Requisites: Oracle SQL Developer Oracle Database Instance Login Details Complete Video Tutorial Step 1: Install Oracle SQL Developer Please note that in order to install Developer Tool you must have JDK 7 or above in your PC. If you do not have please download JDK from following link prior to downloading to SQL… Read More »