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Solution for Windows XP problem : Windows Could Not Start because the following file missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system without format or Data Loss

Problem : Windows XP could not boot , says Windows Could Not Start because the following file missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system Solution: Boot system with windows XP boot CD Press R Note that above will list all the restore points (RP) available in your system. Please get inside the one which is most recent and… Read More »

How to start, stop, or restart networking service under UNIX

How to start, stop, or restart networking service under HP-UX, OpenBSD, AIX and other Unix like operating systems? You can use the following commands as per your UNIX operating systems. HP-UX Unix start / stop / restart networking service # /sbin/init.d/net stop # /sbin/init.d/net start # /sbin/init.d/hostname start IBM AIX Unix start / stop /… Read More »

Solution For AVAYA Error :: HTTP Authentication LIBWWW-UNKNOWN Error

If you experience this error following a network outage, simply select the Cancel softkey on your telephone as this should restore service. However, keep in mind that the error may appear again. If it does, simply continue to select the Cancel key to utilize your telephone. Once all telephones have been re-registered, the error will cease to occur.This usually… Read More »

Password protect specific folders in XAMPP

Scenario : XAMPP is installed in Windows Environment. You want to protect some folders with password. While some other folders you want to keep open to public. Requirements: There are two files that you need to create for this to work. .htpasswd.htaccess Step 1 : Create .htpasswd Step 2: Create .htaccess file AuthName “Protected Area”… Read More »

Display Message Headers with Outlook 2013

Problem There are plenty of reasons for wanting to look at a message header, to see where a mail has come from or from which email address it was sent for example. Different versions of Outlook have different methods of letting you read the email header. Solution Display Message Headers with Outlook 2013 1. Open… Read More »

Rewrite Rule for redirect dynamic url to fixed base using htaccess

Problem : I was using absolute base url like /blank.gif  in one of js based menu in classipress. However when i enable friendly URL where there is two slashes in url my image was not displaying. Orginal:  –Working  ( as bg_02.gif exist in root)  — Not working ( as bg_02.gif exist in root… Read More »

Dingtone – Android / Iphone App – Crystal Clear

Download Here : Dingtone is the app I discovered recently. It is pretty cool.Here is what you can do with Dingtone: * Free phone calls at any time, anywhere* Free texting, sharing photos and videos.* Free group conference calls with up to 8 friends* You can turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie-simply push to talk. Dingtone is… Read More »