Secure your WhatsApp with 2 Step Verification today!

Hereis the tips to secure your whatsapp with 2 step verification. Why I need to secure? If you lose your mobile number for any reason like failed ID card registration or finishing the contract with service providers all your messages will not be available for the next subscriber of the same number. If the new subscriber cannot enter the pass code your number will be automatically removed from any previous subscribed groups. Usually if there is no 2 step pass code all your contents including pictures will be available to the next subscriber of your number without your consent. What 2 step will do? Once you enable 2 step authentication, WhatsApp will frequently make sure you are the real owner of the WhatsApp account. Also in case you change mobile device it will copy the previous content only after you enter valid passcode. How to Enable 2 Step Verification in WhatsApp ? Its very simple procedure and hardly takes 2 minutes to harness your whatsapp account privacy. Procedure for Android Users : Open Whatsapp –> Settings –> Account –> 2 Step Verification –> Enable Please keep note of the 6 digit passcode you have entered. In case you forgot the […]

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